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15 Foods To Get You In The Mood1

By B.Z.

15 Foods To Get You In The Mood

The word aphrodisiac derives from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. The objective of an aphrodisiac is to increase sexual desire, and some natural remedies, in ancient tradition and modern science alike, have proven to boost sexual stimulation. Maybe there would be a little less talk and a little more action from the folks in our sexy comedy series, “Pillow Talks” with some help from a few natural sex-boosters. Here’s a sampling of a few wholesome foods that may help you get in the mood.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol relaxes sexual inhibitions by dulling higher brain functions. Studies show that women who drink red wine on a regular basis are more likely to be sexually aroused and lubricated.

2. Asparagus

Asparagus produces histamines that aid in orgasming in both sexes by simulating the genital and urinary system.

3. Caviar

Caviar is known to enhance nerve cells, which amplifies romantic instincts. Caviar is fruitful with essential life-preserving vitamins and is a familiar symbol of fertility.

4. Wild Yam

Wild yam increases genital sensitivity and is associated with generating erotic dreams. The wild yam also has steroidal effects that energize the system and even increase breast size in woman.

5. Oyster

Oysters possess Zinc, which increases production of the male testosterone hormone.

6. Ginseng

Ginseng is an herb that is meant to bring strength, treat fatigue and cure impotence. In erectile dysfunction studies, ginseng was found to improve the condition significantly in comparison to the placebo.

7. Bananas

Bananas contain potassium, vitamin B and enzymes that enhance the male libido and increase sex hormone production.

8. Chocolate

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine and serotonin, which serve as mood-lifting chemicals that can lead to lustful and passionate relations.

9. Truffle

Containing the same pheromones as that of a boar, truffle is thought to have qualities that cause sexual attraction. This love fungus contains androstenol, the same pheromone found in women’s urine and men’s armpit glands.

10. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is used to increase appetite and body heat. A drop of cinnamon oil in the genital region can cause quite an intense sensation during sexual stimulation.

11. Fennel

Fennel is comprised of phytoestrogens, once used as synthetic estrogen in the 1930s. The fennel plant is best known for causing longevity and power.

12. Rehmannia

Rehmannia, a Chinese herb, restores vitality and is commonly used to treat menopause, impotence and other hormone deficiencies.

13. Mucuna

Also known as the velvet bean, mucuna is said to increase sperm count and improve testosterone levels. Mucuna also contains L-Dopa, a sexual and mood stimulant used as an anti-depressant.

14. Coriander

To cure a low sex drive, coriander is believed to be nature’s cure. In the middle ages, wedding parties would gather to drink “Hippocras,” a mixed beverage of herbs containing coriander. However, the drink was banned once it was discovered that it amplified the sex drive a bit too massively.

15. Cherries

Cherries have served as a well-known aphrodisiac for centuries. The color, shape, texture and aroma give them a visceral sexual charm.

Hungry? Stay tuned to “Pillow Talks” for sexy new episodes to help whet your carnal appetite.

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