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15 Full Blown Hipsters We Actually Like7

By Rebecca Leib

15 Full Blown Hipsters We Actually Like/Don’t Want To Punch in Their Beanie

Hipsters might think that they are unassuming, but you can spot them from a mile away. They might want to hide out behind their skinny jeans, carefully coifed bedhead and slightly patronizing looks; but these modern-day beatniks are looking to be noticed for their authenticity and efforts to stay away from everything trendy. Problem is… being a hipster has become a trend! They are no longer confined to Los Feliz, California, Austin, Texas, or Greenwich Village, New York. In the KoldCast TV series We Are With The Band, hipsters are in hot pursuit of their favorite hipster band all over Los Angeles. In honor of the rampant spread of hipster-ism, KoldCast TV salutes the less obnoxious celebrity hipsters on the public radar that we actually don’t want to punch in the face for trying to be cool.

We Are With The Band, Episode 1: Hungover

1. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman got her start as a child actress in films such as The Professional and Beautiful Girls. This beautiful vegetarian Harvard grad is supremely talented and gained acclaim for her work in film and as an activist. The vegetarianism, a hemp shoe line, the offbeat clothing… she’s definitely a hipster! But she’s got serious acting chops and a penchant for helping others. Not too bad, hipster Portman!

Natalie Portman SNL Rap

2. Zooey Deschanel

Ah, Zooey. Your bangs, your fashion style, your bicycle – such a hipster! And the final straw is that you’re also the lead singer in one of the most hipster-iest band as of late, “She and Him!” Let’s face it, we can’t help but think she’s adorable. Zooey began acting in films such as Almost Famous and A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. She’s the quirky girl next door, with a side of hip.

She & Him Music Video – In the Sun

3. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling got his start in indie movies and is a musician, too. He is poised to take the crown of indie movie king, but not before we see him parading around in more hipster garb, with colorful sunglasses to match. Keep those zany tee shirts coming.

4. Jason Schwartzman

Schwartzman isn’t only a hipster king, he’s Hollywood royalty. Schwartzman is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, so art and acting is in his blood. But he wasn’t 100% hipster until his indie band Phantom Planet blew up and he won his seminal role as Max Weber in hipster cult flick, Rushmore. From there, Schwartzman became a darling of hipster director Wes Anderson and a hipster icon. Still, he’s hugely talented, charismatic and makes great films.

Phantom Planet Music Video – California

5. Elliott Smith

Steven Paul “Elliot” Smith created music that hipsters held fast to. This musical hipster icon came to fame in hipster hotbed Portland, Oregon in the early 2000′s. He wrote songs about sadness, art and drugs, and acquired a huge following in the underground music scene. Though he is deceased, Smith is still very much a hipster icon, but one we can live with; he was truly dedicated to his craft of music and committed to originality and individuality.

6. MIA

If you heard the name Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam, you may be a bit confused. This is the actual name of rapper, singer, activist, visual artist, fashion designer and all around hipster M.I.A. M.I.A. is known for her hipster clothes and brassy singing, and got her big break with the hit hipster tune “Paper Planes.” She was nominated for two Grammy awards for Paper Planes and the album it was released on, Kala. She also garnered an Academy Award nomination for that tune! Sure, she’s a hipster, but her assimilation of visual art and music makes her a standout artist.

MIA Music Video – Paper Planes

7. Chloë Sevigny

How hipster is it to have an umlaut above one’s first name? The answer: very. Sevigny is a film actress and former model turned fashion designer. She got her start in the indie cult film Kids but her penchant for controversial films was just getting started. She can also be seen in the movies Boys Don’t Cry and The Brown Bunny. Tres chic and tres hipster, Sevigny is known for her offbeat clothing and acting pursuits, but she puts the hip in hipster, for sure. You can catch Ms. Umlaut on the hit polygomist series Big Love playing wife #2.

8. Ellen Page

Oh Ellen, you look so young…and so hip. This Canadian actress had her breakout gig in the hipster bible of films, Juno. Since then, Ms. Page has defined herself in a hipster way, a lot like the character she played in Juno. But we are okay with that, considering Ellen has shown she’s got acting chops- and isn’t too obnoxious about flaunting obnoxious indie style too much, like many high profile hipsters around town.

9. Maggie Gyllenhaal

Sister of Jake Gyllenhaal, Maggie got her start acting alongside her father and later in the hit cult romantic film, Secretary. Maggie didn’t start out hipster, but gradually became more and more hipster fabulous with the marriage to her hipster hubby, Peter Sarsgaard and the birth of her daughter, Ramona (a very hipster name, by the way!). Still, what can we say? We love her work and want her to continue making those brilliant indie flicks!

10. Elijah Wood

Hipster? Sure. Douchester? Absolutely not. He’s just a harmless child star-turned-trendy actor who by most accounts is a pretty nice, humble dude. It may look like he’s trying too hard on the surface, but cut him a break. He’s young. Besides, the guy’s core LOTR audience is draped in stone-washed tapered jeans, white tennis shoes and tucked-in comic book tees. So props to EW for bringing some style to the nerdosphere.

11. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is most notably the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne, so she already has the alternative thing goin’ on. Not to mention, the American Apparel inspired clothing sensibilities and the revolving door of hair colors. Thrust into the limelight through the realty television show, The Osbournes, Kelly used her celebrity to do all sorts of hipster stuff, include hipster man-eating. Why we love her? She goes through hipster dudes like cans of Pabst Blue RIsson, and isn’t annoying about it. Cheers!

12. Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams was SO preppy when she got her breakthrough role in the television series Dawson’s Creek. And then… hipster happened. Maybe it was Heath Ledger, maybe it was such films as I’m Not There or Dick, but Williams went to the dark side. She even gave her kid one of those obnoxious hipster names, Matilda. The last we heard, Williams had dated Spike Jones (hipster alert) and was working on more indie flicks.

13. Johnny Depp

I feel like many hipsters pattern their behavior from many characters Mr. Depp has played. Why? Because he chooses lots of offbeat roles that win him acclaim amongst the most skinny-jeaned of our population. Johnny Depp got his start on the show 21 Jump Street where he became a badass teen idol. From there, he went on to a budding film career and three academy awards. I think he also has his own island! So, he may be in with hipsters and hipstery himself (get a haircut!) but who can deny Johnny Depp’s success?

Scene from Ed Wood

14. Agyness Deyn

Born Laura Hollins, this supermodel is the hippest thing since a pressed flannel shirt and no shower. From her tight jeans to her bleach blonde bob, Agyness is the beautiful poster child for the hipster lifestyle, in style. I mean, she practically owns property on the cover of vogue! Why do we love her? Because she’s actually different than the boring old models we know and love. She’s zany, and full of life.

15. John Waters

John Waters is a cult director who made a name for himself making offbeat, humorous and often disturbing portrayals of the gay and transgendered community. As an underground hit, Waters has a huge following and follows hipster credo in what he wears, what he likes and who follows him. But you can’t help but love Waters’ snarky sense of self, or his refusal to make movies outside of his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. Kudos to Walters, for refusing to go mainstream!

We Are With The Band, Episode, Episode 2: Club

We Are With The Band, Episode, Episode 3: Bail

We Are With The Band, Episode, Episode 4: Afterparty

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Rebecca Leib received her BFA in Fine Art and MFA in writing and hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is a Los Angeles based comedian and writer. Her work can be seen in the pages of many print and online publications, including Beautiful/Decay, Artillery Magazine, Blackbook, Tvgasm, Metrowize and Dailyfill. She has performed at the Second City Studio Theatre, UCB-LA, IOWest and the improv, and can often be seen brooding at sidewalk cafes.

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