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15 Futuristic Weapons That Will Certainly Make A Mess27

By Steven Novak

15 Futuristic Weapons That Will Certainly Make A Mess

Since the dawn of mankind we’ve been coming up with new and creative ways to kill each other – you could argue that it’s what humans do best. Advancements in science and weaponry will make the battlefields of fifty years from now seem a heck of a lot different than they are today. You may be surprised find out though, just how incredibly different they’ll look in just ten years. The character of Daniel McCarthy from KoldCast TV’s conspiracy thriller series Tyranny, for instance, catches a glimpse of the future where corporations record every thought and action… of ours. Sound scary? Sound like fiction? It’s not that far from the truth. Think Facebook. Think Google. Now here’s a look at fifteen incredible weapons that are likely to appear in our warmongering future.

Tyranny Episode 1: The Beginning of the End

1. Active Denial System

The ADS is a simple concept. By firing a high-powered beam of electromagnetic radiation in the form of high-frequency microwaves, it basically works much the same way that a microwave heats food. The waves excite water and fat molecules in the body, heating them and causing intense pain. Long story short, this bit of bizarre weaponry basically turns the human body into a hot pocket.

2. The “Warrior” Knife

A knife? I bet you’re wondering, why in the world did this guy include a knife on a list of futuristic weapons? While at first glance a knife really has no place among microwave guns and grenade launchers, this particular weapon made the list for one specific reason. According to a representative of Spyderco – the company that created it – the serrations on the inner edge were designed with one thing in mind – beheading.

3. The Taser Shockwave

The Taser Shockwave is a nifty little (and when I type “little” I actually mean very, very big) gadget that can apparently “take out a herd of charging rhinos.” Intended to “de-escalate/diffuse violent crowd/riot situations,” this is one huge bit of electrifying nastiness. The fully modular system effectively bunches six TASER X26 stun guns together to cover a 20-degree arc with 25-foot cartridges. That right, there is a whole lotta shockin’ goin’ on.

4. XM-25 Grenade Launcher

Capable of firing 25 grenades that are set to explode mid-air or somewhere more near the intended target, the XM-25 is quite simply a bad little piece of machinery. Bad as in good – good in the way you don’t want to mess with it. The user can manually adjust the detonating distance up to three meters shorter or longer, and the gun is capable of transmitting the distance to the grenade from the firing chamber. It’s a gun, and it’s a computer, and it’s packing some heavy artillery.


Battlefields of the future are going to look very, very different than those of today. The biggest reason for this is, believe it or not, lasers. Springing from the wonderful minds at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), HELLADS are a counter-RAM system currently under development that will use powerful lasers to shoot down missiles, rockets, and artillery shells. Eventually it’s hoped that this futuristic wonder will meet the size requirements necessary for fitting it on a fighter aircraft or even a Humvee.

6. Hi-Mems

So what is Hi-Mems supposed to mean? Believe it or not it stands for Hybrid Insect Mems. What the heck are Hybrid Insect Mems you ask? Simple, they’re “tightly coupled machine-insect interfaces.” Basically, the goal of the project is to place micro-mechanical systems inside insects during the early stages of metamorphosis in hopes of controlling their locomotion later, all while fitting them with one or more sensors and sending the little nasties out to do our bidding. Why do the work when the bugs can do it for us?

7. HULC Battlesuit

The HULC is essentially a wearable computer exo-skeleton that senses the direction the wearer wants to go, and then accelerates that movement using its battery-powered titanium frame. Want to pick up something really, really heavy and drag it a long distance? Cool, because this little bit of technology pretty much turns the wearer into The Incredible Hulk – hence the name.

8. Aurora Excalibur

Airborne Predator drones are currently seeing extensive action all over the world, but the Aurora Excalibur is set to turn the current versions into yesterday’s news. Capable of a top speed of 460mph – with the ability to take off and land vertically – this scary little bit of business will also pack four hellfire missiles. Oh yeah, and it does all of this by remote control.

9. Maars Bots

Remotely-controlled bots have been diffusing bombs for years, but none have really ever seen combat because there was no guarantee they wouldn’t go berserk and mow down friendly troops or even just malfunction – but don’t expect this to remain the case for very long. The Maars system can be equipped with four grenade launchers, and a machine gun that packs 400 rounds of 7.62 caliber ammunition. That’s a whole lot of firepower, and it’s only a matter of time before it’s put to use.

10. Long Range Acoustic Devices

Firing narrow beams of sound waves that can be heard clearly from 300 meters away (which is about a thousand feet), this little device (which has already been used to harass protesters and fight off pirates) is an undoubtedly dangerous piece of equipment. Crank up the volume loud enough and it can emit a warning tone so loud that anyone in its path would have no choice but to cover their ears and head for the hills.

11. Synthetic Organisms

One of the more bizarre additions to the list, the Pentagon’s coo-coo-crazy research arm known as DARPA will apparently be investing $6 million into a project called BioDesign. The goal is to eliminate the “randomness of natural evolutionary advancement.” Basically they aim to create living, breathing creatures with enhanced resistance to death that can be “programmed to live indefinitely.” So what’s going to keep these zombies armed with weapons from going bonkers and turning to the enemy you ask? Simple: a genetically-coded kill switch.

12. The Railgun

The Railgun is an entirely electrical gun that accelerates a conductive projectile along a pair of metal rails using the same principles as the homopolar. The U.S. military has tested a version of the weapon that accelerates projectiles up at speeds up to 2.4 kilometers per second – which just happens to be seven times the speed of sound. Physics tells us the faster something is moving, the more destruction it causes. And Railguns have the capability of shooting things pretty, pretty fast. You do the math.

13. Metabolic Dominance

War and killing things – these are things that take time and energy. Human beings can only work so many hours towards creating these weapons of destruction – too bad there is nothing we can do about it. Or is there? If the minds at DARPA have anything to say about it, this won’t be the case much longer. The ultimate goal of Metabolic Dominance is to “enable superior physical and physiological performance by controlling energy metabolism on demand.” For example, cognitive function for three to five days, twenty-four hours a day without the need for calories might be entirely possible, and closer than we think.

14. Plasma Rifle

Currently falling more into the world of science fiction rather than reality, Plasma weapons could theoretically one day utilize small nuclear reactors to power an electromagnetic accelerator that would, in turn, fire a stream, pulse, or torrid of plasma. Requiring far more power than any current handheld device is capable of handling, the Plasma Rifle remains merely only a theory for the moment, but all the weapons on this list were only theories once.

15. Antimatter Bomb

We are only just beginning to understand Antimatter and what it might eventually offer to the human race. The possibilities are, of course, endless. With endless possibilities, comes endless opportunity to blow each other up. Though significantly limited by neutrino losses at the moment, an antimatter collision still converts a larger fraction of mass into explosive energy than a fusion reaction does in a hydrogen bomb (and it leaves behind no nuclear residue whatsoever). Basically, if we were able to accumulate enough of it at a high enough energy, we’d be talking about really, really big explosions – and that’s putting it lightly.

Tyranny Episode 2: Evaluation

Tyranny Episode 3: That Day in November

Tyranny Episode 4: Crossing Wires

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Steven Novak is a writer, illustrator, graphic designer and admitted lifelong nerd with an embarrassingly large DVD collection. He is currently working and living in the Southern California desert. His most recent fantasy/action adventure novel, “Forts: Fathers and Sons,” is available everywhere books are sold.

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  • http://www.2mara.com 2mara

    no longer is it Science Fiction… I think Science “Fact” freaks me out a little more.

  • http://www.notapplicable.com Concerned Halo Fan

    Number 14. That is not a plasma rifle, but an UNSC SMG (Sub-machine gun). Come on now.

  • http://myhuddler.com/comments/174 steve

    Uh, Concerned Halo Fan, maybe that’s not a picture of a plasma rifle because they don’t exist yet?

    IDK just a thought…

  • Oz

    Well steve, there is plasma rifles in halo so they could have used a picture of one of them. I believe that Concerned was just pointing out issue that could make the article better.

  • Xeno

    I’m pretty sure that any future plasma weapon will absolutely and without qualification NOT fire a “torrid.”

    You meant to say a “toroid.”

  • mike jones
  • King 1

    Wow leave the man alone, it was an interesting article and no one gives a shit what picture he used for the plasma rifle. Whatever you have to say will not make the article better

  • http://www.webseriestoday.com modelmotion

    :) :):)

  • http://lombokbeaches.wordpress.com Soendoro Soetanto

    Cool list

    Soendoro Soetanto

  • http://www.hghreviews.org/ Sam

    …they aim to create living, breathing creatures with enhanced resistance to death that can be “programmed to live indefinitely”
    - There’s absolutely, positively, without a-shadow-of-a-doubt no way in which that could go horribly, messily wrong, is there?

    “Antimatter Bomb”
    - Endgame much?

  • http://www.idcredit.org/ Talktome

    Will they make a mess? Probably. Are they baddass? Completely.

  • Victory

    i love that shot of the railgun. if i remember correctly that’s actually the tungsten round catching on fire in it’s wake

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  • biz

    Cool weapons. Some of them are really sci-fi, but others are reality.

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  • Lorentzo

    Well The Plasma Rifle and The Rail Gun Holds much of prespective for the future,perhaps some projectiles of those 2 originals

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  • Unknown

    What happens to Gundam??

  • http://ipm-essen.com SEO Essen

    This is a homemade plasma rifle which is seen on many websites but I like these close up shots:

  • http://www.p90xresults.org/ Brian

    This is something worth noting. They seem good. But they are not something that is safe for our futures. what are we going to do with these sci fi weapons is a mystery.

  • Rolling

    These weapons look cool. Yes, they will rule the future. But please beware of a war inducing future.

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  • Futureguy

    Rail gun is  the future.. soldiers wont use m4′s or whatever to fight they will use those weapons.. high speed bullets, long distance kills, thats gonna change the soldiers defences too since weapons are gonna be more destructive they r going to need armors, like HULC, but much more sofisticated and defensive … anti-matter,no one is gonna want to use that for war… otherwise we r fucked.. u could have listed nano-technology, gonna be used for good, but probably for war too. anyway.. i like the future..

  • phillip denton the second

    ok so these weapons are very cool no dought but lets think about it for a second. now some of u think these futuristic weapons might cause war.. well maybe they might…or maybe they might save us..in my opinion we should have these weapons so that in case another country creates a weapon and uses it to dominate or destroy the united states of america or any other country… in my second opinion i think that the 
    Metabolic Dominance would in fact be an  ideal future weapon and could be helpful for the advance in technology and could maybe be used to fight and eliminate cancer or and illness that people have… i would in fact let them test the metabolic dominance on me…and i understand that it is dangerous and could kill me but i would let the…just think of what good we could do to the world with the advancement in technology

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