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15 Sizzling Hot Wings Recipes3

By B.Z.

15 Sizzling Hot Wings Recipes

Some things just mix well. Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. Bacardi and Coke. Sports and…chicken wings. Born in Buffalo, New York, this staple spectator-sport munchie is as American as, well, Buffalo. So naturally, the chicken wing goes pretty darn well with one of America’s most watched spectator sports, auto racing. (Believe it or not, 20 million people watch NASCAR. Yep, seriously.) Great for the tailgate, the bleachers, the after party at Applebee’s, you name it. Below you can find some of the most delicious recipes for one of America’s most delicious foods.

1. Andy’s Five-Pepper Chicken Wings

Can’t decide what kind of spices or hot sauce to use. Why not try a medley? Not for amateurs, this five-spice blend will be plenty spicy for even the most daring wing slingers at your tailgate.

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2. Sweet and Spicy Wings

Adding a honey glaze to hot wings can help cut the spiciness and make the sauce a little milder. It also makes for a richer flavor and brings out whatever spices you’re already using.

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3.Thai Chicken Wings

If you’re looking for something a little different from the usual bar-food recipes, this Thai-style sauce is sophisticated and a little more savory than most American wing sauces. Whip them out at the next tailgate at your own risk. If someone cries “un-Amurrrican,” you can blame us.

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4. Bandito Chicken Wings

Go with this one for a little Mexican flavoring that packs a lot of heat. The taco sauce is an unusual but agreeable touch, and the barbecue sauce makes it slightly more American than those Thai wings.

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5. Boneless Buffalo Wings

Boneless wings are a little controversial to purists, who may say a wing without a bone isn’t a wing at all. But this is a definitive list. Besides, bones can be tricky in an elbow-to-elbow bleacher mob.

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6. Cajun Wings

Appease the ladies at the track with this lighter wing recipe, which calls for just a quarter cup of butter or margarine. With the flavorful blend of catsup, hot sauce, and Cajun seasoning, that’s all you need.

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7. Australian Deep Fried Chicken Wings

OK, back to man wings. For something decidedly less light, hook up the portable deep fryer and treat these sweet-flavored Aussie wings to a greasy hot tub. Just don’t leave them in too long, lest they fly off.

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8. Malaysian Barbecue Chicken Wings

Don’t let its simplicity fool you: This recipe is a nice blend of flavors with plenty of kick. Rumor has it these babies first appeared at a tailgate when the Malaysian prime minister showed up to cheer on Ricky Bobby at Daytona in 2006.

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9. Coca-Cola Wings

For a sweet glaze that’s a little unusual, a little more sticky, a lot of fun, and VERY American, try adding some Coke to your wings. Best washed down with Coke. Or Miller High Life.

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10. Habanero Hot Wings

Habanero peppers and an extra dipping sauce add fire-alarm heat to a classic wing recipe. This one is not for posers.

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11. Drunken Chicken Wings

Sounds about right for a race tailgate. Along with some typical ingredients, this fun recipe uses just enough rum to add a little extra kick on top of the spice. This one calls for a dark rum like Myers or Gosling, but something tells us it wouldn’t be too bad with Bacardi Limón.

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12. Lemon Dijon Wings

Impress your guests with these unusual wings, a perfect mix of hearty and zesty. Hell, may as well throw some Bacardi Limón in this one, too. We won’t tell.

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13. Cheesy Chicken Wings

Of all the superb, unhealthy flavors you could add to a chicken-wing sauce, one is conspicuously absent from common recipe variations: Cheese. Should be a no-brainer, right? Well this one has it. Also, it’s breaded.

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14. Dragon’s Breath Wings

Another Asian-inspired recipe, Dragon’s Breath wing sauce uses some of the heaviest spice on this list. Just don’t eat them too close to the fuel stations.

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15. Hooters Hot Wings

No wing list is complete without a Hooters recipe. Lord knows how this place is still in business, but it probably has something to do with their signature wings. OK, maybe not, but they are sure are delicious. Just be sure to use their authentic sauce.

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