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20 Tortured Pets Forced to Spread Holiday Cheer4

By Marti Resteghini

20 Tortured Pets Forced to Spread Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is about food and family. And family includes our beloved four-legged friends. Whether a dog, cat, rabbit, ferret or hamster, this means they partake in most of the same festivities. Luckily, this includes the over-abundance of food – often enjoying scraps left on tables and floors. BUT, this also means that they must endure the completely adorable, but not as enjoyable, adorning of holiday clothes and subsequent picture taking. Animals were not meant to wear clothes, yet we insist on dressing them every holiday. What would your pet say about this “tradition” if he had the chance?

1. “I am not amused.”

2. “I hope this doesn’t count as one of my gifts.”

3. “I’ll keep an eye on that ham for you.”

4. “I hope the guys at the dog park don’t find out about this.”

5. “Is this really how they do it in Vegas?”

6. “If you’re looking for the culprit that left a special gift under the tree, it was me.”

7. “Do we still get to eat the cookies for Santa or is that out of the question?”

8. “Did you say this gets me one milk bone or two? Because we might need to renegotiate.”

9. “Just because I let you put it on doesn’t mean I like it.”

10. “What happens at Christmas, stays at Christmas.”

11. “OK. Seriously. Can you at least think about getting this in my size next year?”

12. “This is not OK.”

13. “Is this supposed to be fun?”

14. “You may not know when. You may not know how. But someday, you’ll pay for this.”

15. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with the dog on this one. This sucks.”

16. “So you promise this will get me into next year’s Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue?”

DOG: “I pooped on their bed.”
CAT: “Normally I would think that’s disgusting but… BRAVO!”

18. “Dag nabit. Foiled again!”

19. “You may have escaped my claws last year, but this time, it’s on!”

20. “Are you sure this is how the Dramatic Chipmunk got his start?”

Marti Resteghini is VP of Network Programming and Acquisitions here at KoldCast TV. Formerly, as vice president of development and production at Warner Bros.-based production company, HDFilms, Resteghini oversaw the development, production and distribution of feature films, television and new media content across multiple platforms. In this post, Resteghini produced many high-profile Web series including “Chadam,” “Creepshow: Raw,” based on the 1980s cult classic feature film, and Crackle’s “The Jace Hall Show.”

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