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8 Bizarre Crimes Scenes From Around the World4

By Craig Wilson

8 Bizarre Crimes Scenes From Around the World

In the age of the procedural crime drama, we all know the basics of crime investigations and the power of DNA testing – making it hard to fool even the novice investigator. It seems that a crime and its motives must be very complicated and unusual in order to get away with the dirty deed – like the extra-terrestrial serial killer of the crime drama Crime Scene X. Still, people commit crimes every day thinking they can lie, hide or talk their way out of any circumstance. Some of these crimes are so bizarre, that it’s hard to believe they’re true. Luckily, the criminals are so equally bizarre that it makes it easy for investigators to find the missing pieces.

Think you’ve seen it all? Check out these 8 wackos.

Crime Scene X – Internal Affairs Episode 1

8. Man Agrees to be Eaten by Cannibal – Germany

German cannibal, Armin Meiwes, met computer technician Bernd Brandes in a personal ad aimed at finding a man willing to be eaten by him. Meiwes butchered Brandes and dined on his flesh for over ten months, eating 50 pounds of flesh, before the authorities found him. The infamous cannibal told his jury that eating another human was comparable to, “taking communion.” He also told the jury he wasn’t alone, that there were “hundreds, thousands” of people on various forums expressing desires of consuming or being consumed via cannibalism. Considering his victim was a willing participant, there seems some truth to his story.

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7. Baby’s Death Planned Before Birth – USA

Ronald Shanabarger from Franklin, Indiana killed his infant son to get revenge on his wife. He had been plotting the baby’s death since before they got married – when she failed to return from a vacation to attend his father’s funeral. When was the right time? Two years later, after she gave birth to a son and had enough time to bond with him. When asked by a judge if he had enough money to pay for a defense lawyer he replied, “I am gonna have to check with my wife.” Clearly, she was not going to be loaning him the money.

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6. Bloody Killer Cleans Up at Wal-Mart – USA

We have all heard of stupid criminals, but in the age of procedural crime dramas, this is unbelievable. After getting into an altercation and killing another man, Sheddrick Deon Bentley, covered in blood, walked into a Wal-Mart to buy new clothes and trash bags. He then paid for everything with a blood-stained $100 bill. Bloody footsteps at the scene of the crime were later matched to those he left all over the store.

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5. Man Sets Brother’s Pants on Fire – USA

After mixing alcohol, marijuana and crack cocaine, a man accuses his brother of sleeping with his pregnant wife and sets his pants on fire – while he is wearing them. Apparently, after he was found not guilty at 3 murder trials, “innocent” career criminal, Jimmy D. Carey, thought he could weather any crime. He became agitated and lit his brother on fire three times. His brother put out the first two but did not act quick enough the third time. He suffered second and third degree burns.

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4. Operation Brazil: The Second Coming of Christ Brought On With the Help of Playboy Models – USA

Lapsed Mormon and cult leader, Glenn Taylor Helzer, hoped to bring about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ through extortion, murder and an elaborate plan called Operation Brazil. His cult included a “good witch” (who once offered to raise money for Armageddon by appearing in porn films), an ex-girlfriend turned playboy centerfold and his little brother. After the death and extortion of five victims, including former members, generated $100,000 US, Helzer planned to fly in 15 teenage orphans from Brazil to kill the 12 elders of the Mormon Church and claim his rightful place. The group was arrested after the bodies of the first victims were found in a Northern California river. Operation Brazil was never executed.

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3. World’s Largest Kite Flying Event Claims 13 Lives – Pakistan

During the world’s largest kite-flying festival in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore, 13 people were killed and over 500 injured in a variety of accidents in 2005. The incidents were caused by, but weren’t limited to, electric fences, stray bullets, tall buildings and reckless cars. With a tradition of aggressive kite flying, involving a string coated in glass and guns firing into the air, several anti-kite groups have begun to form in the hopes to stop the deaths that occur during the festival every year.

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2. Oklahoma Woman Arrested for Stealing Fetus from Friend – USA

Effie Goodson, enamored with the idea of being pregnant, convinced her spouse that she was indeed pregnant and was even given a baby shower. In an attempt to cover up her lie, she killed her pregnant friend and carved out the fetus. She then showed up at a hospital claiming she had given birth, at home, to a dead baby. The doctors quickly realized this was a lie and arrested Goodson.

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1. Cousin Eaten at Wedding After An Accidental Brush with the Bride – Philippines

Worldly traditions are often unique to each culture, but how cannibalism, especially in this crime, is only treated as an aggravating circumstance is beyond me. After a cousin trips and accidentally touches the backside of the bride, the bride’s father, Eladio Baule, is angered, to say the least. He gathers various other members of the family who all take their cousin to a remote area where they beat, kill and eat the man. After cooking up some of the man, they return to the wedding where they serve pieces of him to unknowing guests.

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Craig Wilson is a San Diego-based producer/director and founder of the creative entity Mental Eclectic. A strong believer in social media as a way to share your work, he created the hashtags #indieMM (Indie movie Monday) and #webserieswed (web series Wednesday) which are now staples in the twitter culture. Find him on twitter: @mentaleclectic.

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