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10 Awesome Boats That Are Really Rockets on Water1

By Aydrea Walden

10 Awesome Boats That Are Really Rockets on Water

There’s nothing like a sail on the sea. Gulls flying overhead. Dolphins, seals and fish playfully jumping out of the water. The fresh salt air whipping past your face… at hundreds of miles an hour!

Looking to outrun Somali pirates? Always wanted to be a seafaring James Bond, blending style, fashion and technology? Tired of puttering down the river on a dingy like minimalist traveler Peter Bragiel from the travel series In Transit? Well, if you’re looking to upgrade to a more exotic, adrenaline-filled sea voyage, you might as well start by taking a look at the cream of the crop.

We hope you like the wind in your face!

In Transit – Leaving Los Angeles

In Transit – Tijuana Mexico


It’s hard to know what’s most impressive about this boat – the amazing design that allows it to go through waves rather than over them, the fact that the amazing design also allows it to travel up to 46 miles per hour on the water, or the fact that that speed is generated by clean, biodesiel fuel. Its designers built it for two reasons: to break the ‘Round the World Speed Record by a Powerboat and also to promote environmental awareness and sustainability.

M80 Stiletto Stealth Boat

Designed and built for the U.S. Department of Defense for the fight against drug smuggling, this boat is as sneaky as it is speedy. Not only can it go as fast as 60 miles per hour, it can reach those speeds in just three feet of water without being detected by radar.

Sea Fighter

This 60+ mile an hour catamaran is designed to give the U.S. Navy an advantage. It can be used in both shallower coastal waters as well as deep water. It can hold helicopters and smaller sea vessels on its body. And, its design gives it exceptional stability in rough waters. If that weren’t cool enough, it was also called “The X-Craft” while it was being developed. The name alone makes it a winner.

Groupama 3

This French sailboat is designed to set speed records over long distances and as such, is one of the fastest ocean-going boats in the world. On March 20, 2010, the Groupama 3 set the record for sailing around the world faster than any boat had before. The boat made the trip in 48 days and bested the previous record by more than 2 days.


This French sailboat sets some pretty impressive speed records considering it has no motor and only uses the power of wind. The boat has twice broken the 50-knot (57 mph) speed barrier that sailboats generally come up against. Its trimaran form and massive silver sails make l’Hydroptere as elegant as it is speedy.

World Is Not Enough

This luxury yacht can carry 10 guests, very comfortably, at speeds of up to 80 miles an hour. The boat’s dead rise V hull allows it to slice through water like a knife through butter while two 18-cylinder diesel engines boosted by twin turbines push World Is Not Enough through the water with the power of 20,000 horses.

The XSR Military Interceptor

Thinking of becoming a pirate? Don’t do it near Britain, or they will absolutely catch you with this sleek boat that looks like it rocketed out of a 007 movie. The XSR Military Interceptor was designed as a weapon against fast moving enemy boats. It can travel at about 100 miles an hour, includes bullet-proof Kevlar in its component materials, and has a remote controlled .50-calliber machine gun on the end of it.


Billed as the world’s fastest speedboat, Phenomenon can travel at speeds up to 200 miles per hour. Built by a team that includes engineers from NASA and Boeing and members of the U.S. Navy, the bright orange, purple and yellow boat has four turbine engines for a combined force of 12,000 horsepower.


This 30-foot long aluminum boat almost killed its pilot on the way to breaking speed records in 1964. During a run that reached speeds over 270 miles per hour, the boat scraped over some rocks, flipped and pilot Lee Taylor was thrown into a rocky outcrop. After losing an eye and healing from broken limbs and ribs, Taylor tried again—this time successfully. In 1967, he got the boat up to 285 mph.

The Spirit of Australia

In the 1970s, armed with a shed for a workspace and some ingenuity, Ken Warby began designing and building The Spirit of Australia. The body of the boat was made of wood and fiberglass and the powerful Westinghouse engine that rocketed it to victory was purchased at an auction for $69. Warby first set the world water speed record in 1977; but then blew it out of the water in October of 1978. The Spirit of Australia was the first boat to reach 300 mph on the water without a fatality. Since that time, no boat pilot has successfully passed the 300 mph limit.

In Transit – Coborca Mexico

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Aydrea Walden ten Bosch, a former news reporter, has also written for Nickelodeon, NBC/Universal, Hawaii Film Partners, Highlander Films, the Now Write! Screenwriting book series, Improv Olympic, The Second City Los Angeles and Disney. She regularly performs sketch and improv comedy and runs the satirical blog, The Oreo Experience, about her life and times as a super white black person.

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