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10 Creative (Yet Risky) Ways to Propose Marriage5

By Ben Snyder

10 Creative (Yet Risky) Ways to Propose Marriage

Marriage is the age-old sacred union between two people deeply in love who wish to spend the rest of their lives together. This union often begins with a ring and a question all delivered in a way that is symbolic of their future together – the wedding proposal. The proposal tells the woman how much the man cares, if he is creative, and of course, if he is cheap. For some women, the traditional one knee and warm fire approach is a sure thing. For others, the more ridiculous the better. If you get it wrong, it could mean disaster and humiliation.

Some women wait their whole life to get asked, as does Millie of the musical comedy The Best Friend. Others, like her best friend Sooze, love being asked (and are asked often) but eventually kick the poor sap to the curb. It’s important to know your woman, know what you’re doing and know if the ring is returnable. As some of these guys found out, “yes” and “no” aren’t the only answers to a proposal.

The Best Friend – In The Ring, Part 1

1. Via App

Its high-tech world and we all want to be modern and hip. But no matter how cool the gadget, nothing replaces the moment when you actually see the expression on your girlfriend’s face when you pop the question. Others disagree. Some men think it might be “cute” to use apps as the vehicle for their proposal. Whatever your reason for the impersonal proposal, you’re in luck. There’s an app for that!

READ: Proposal by App

2. Via Twitter

Proposal by Twitter is not far from proposal by app. However, at least these men are not afraid of putting themselves out there in front of millions of people. Who knows, maybe these guys are writing amazing haiku that make their girls weep in less than 140 characters?

WATCH: A Twitter Wedding Proposal

3. Hiding The Ring in Your Dinner

How bad would it be to choke the love of your life with an engagement ring and have to take her to the Emergency Room to have it surgically removed? What if she digested it and had to, ahem, pass it? Would she wear it on her finger forever with the memory of where it’s been? But seriously, although not original, the food proposal is a classic method that can be creative under the right circumstances. I think the key is to do like the gentleman in the following video and make sure she knows not to eat it.

WATCH: Food Proposal

4. Via Balloon

A guy had his buddy film his proposal to his girlfriend. The poor guy was nervous yet endearing. Unfortunately, love had clouded his better judgment and he made some very regrettable decisions. As you’ll see below, there is a very unexpected ending to his proposal. It fails… but not in the way you might think.

WATCH: Proposal By Balloon

5. Courtside Proposal

When you propose in public, in front of people that don’t give a crap about you, the results can be disastrous on an epic scale. When you propose at a sporting event, you’re a masochist.

They say the following courtside proposal was staged, but seeing as this is another classic proposal method; it’s not far from realistic.

WATCH: Courtside Proposal

6. Spot on Live TV

Live television is the perfect place to embarrass yourself, and others, in the most uncomfortable way possible. The poor sap in the following video is no exception. Unfortunately, we live in such a twisted society these days that a good disaster always guarantees good ratings. Check out the Almost Late Show with Bobby Bones, which welcomed a shy guy’s request to propose to his girl on television.

WATCH: Proposal on Live Television

7. Pretend to be the weatherman on your girlfriend’s news show

Props to this fellow for a confident and professional live proposal. A CBS weatherman, formally of the same local ABC station where his girlfriend now works, wanted to surprise her during a live newscast. Considering he was a former employee, management was more than happy to accommodate his request to surprise his girl with an on-air proposal. Although not as disastrous as #6 above, the outcome of this event did prove to be a hit for the couple and the station, when the proposal was subsequently featured on several national morning shows.

WATCH: A Weatherman’s Proposal

8. Visit the Empire State Building

A classic if there ever was one. If your girl is a fan of An Affair to Remember, Sleepless in Seattle or any number of weepy romantic comedies, the following proposal is a surefire hit. If she’s not a fan, then you’re screwed. At least no one dies.

WATCH: Empire State Proposal

9. Travel to Zero Gravity

Now this is creative – and expensive. Alex Loucopoulos proposed to his then girlfriend, Graciela Asturias, while weightless aboard a Boeing 727 specially designed to simulate microgravity while plunging up and down between 24,000 and 35,000 feet. Like the balloon proposal, there were some risks to be taken, but everything worked out ok. This is definitely a classier version of the Mile High Club that you can share with your kids. The couple plans to spend their 10th anniversary in orbit.

10. Umbrellas

Umbrellas. Why didn’t I think of that? Sean Palmgren popped the question to his girlfriend Betsy Krause with the help of their friends and family and several umbrellas. After a leisurely walk in the park, the couple began to approach a line of people holding umbrellas. Betsy, curious to find out what they were doing there on a sunny day, walked towards the line. At 100 feet, someone called out, “1, 2, 3” and they all flipped their umbrellas, spelling out “Will you marry me?” Not only did she say “yes,” Sean won a contest sponsored by GroomGrove.com and Platinum Guild Worldwide. The prize for his creativity? A soul mate and two free platinum wedding bands.

The Best Friend – In The Ring, Part 2

The Best Friend – Stalkers

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Ben Snyder graduated from Campbell University in 2002 with a degree in English. During his college studies, he experimented with the art of storytelling both through reading the stories of the past and creating stories for the future. Film remained his principle goal throughout his educational career. Since graduation, Snyder has worked on crews and with film companies across NC. In 2003, Snyder decided the time had come to start his own company committed to putting quality, independent films of all genres into the marketplace. As a writer and director, Ben Snyder has worked hard to maintain a high standard of quality and artistry for his company, Subcreations Productions.

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