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11 Unusual Ways Superhumans Get Their Strength

By Caryn K. Hayes

11 Unusual Ways Superhumans Get Their Strength (And You Can Too!)

Most super humans start off just like you and me – a regular Joe. They have to solve problems using everyday resources like Judge Judy, the local police department and letters to the editor. Having to depend on these external resources can be frustrating let alone futile.

However, if you’re not lucky enough to be born on another planet and don’t have the money for fancy gadgets or high tech suits, don’t fret. All is not lost. There are a few other ways for you to be superhuman. You just have to find that special thing that takes you from zero to hero. It can be found under a rock, in your cabinet or maybe down the street at your local Taiwanese café – like slacker superhero Johnny Raikou who gets his strength from Boba Tea. Sometimes you need to be a scientist to find your inspiration, other times, being at the wrong place at the right time does the trick. Here are some examples of how others found their strength to get you on your way to finding for what makes you superhuman.

Johnny Raikou – Chapter 1, Episode 1

1. Visit a radioactive science exhibit – Spiderman

At a science exhibit, a radioactive spider bites nerdy and accident prone, high school student Peter Parker. The affects of the spider bite give Peter increased agility and strength, the ability to climb walls and ceilings, and a “spidey sense” to detect danger. In the 2002 film, Peter (Toby Maguire) also has the ability to generate webs that he shoots from his wrists. (The comic book version depict him as a genius who builds a mechanical device that allows him to shoot webs.) Perhaps it’s time to check out the exhibits at your local science museum.

2. Take a trip into space – The Fantastic Four

What do you get when a physicist, a genetics researcher, and two astronauts fly into clouds of cosmic energy? A ragtag gang of superheroes called the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four were on a mission into outer space when they were exposed to cosmic rays that gave them superhuman abilities. Reed Richards, the physicist, is able to stretch his body. Ben Grimm, an astronaut, becomes The Thing, gaining skin like a rock with extraordinary strength. Susan Storm gains the powers of invisibility and the ability to create force fields, while her brother Johnny can engulf himself in fire and fly. I can totally see this happening to Richard Branson.

3. Expose yourself to Gamma radiation – The Hulk

Reserved and mild-mannered, physicist Dr. Bruce Banner designed a gamma bomb and during the testing, was exposed to it as it was detonated. As a result, Bruce was transformed into an enormous green monster of a man, called “the Hulk,” whenever his emotions got the best of him. Along with the physical transformation, Bruce gained limitless strength, the ability to leap extraordinary heights, and the knack for regeneration and self-healing. His abilities are directly connected to his emotions as “the madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets.” This ability seems a little inconvenient and more of a hassle than something that’s super cool.

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4. Perform a demonic ritual – Red Devil

Eddie Bloomberg was a starry-eyed gofer when he met his hero the Blue Devil. He desired to become a sidekick to his idol but when Blue Devil and other superhero teams turned him away, Eddie tried another route. He takes a candlestick, forged in demon blood and is taken to Neron, a demon who offers him abilities. Neron gives Eddie a suit that endows him with strength, agility, armor and a weapons system. Later, Neron gives Eddie the ability to breathe and shoot fire from his hands, heal his own wounds swiftly, and create portals of fires he can travel through. Although not the most attractive get up, Eddie ends up redeeming himself and joins the good guys. Persistence pays off I guess.

5. Be a victim of a neglected science lab – Flash

In the first incarnation of the Flash, Jay Garrick was a college student who fell asleep in a science lab and inhaled hard water vapors. The incident leads to Jay being able to run at a super speed. Barry Allen, the second Flash and the lead character in the 1990 television series, was a forensic scientist for the police department when he is bathed in chemicals that were hit by lightning. So basically, hanging around in a badly managed science lab might just do the trick.

6. Find a magic ring – Green Lantern

Railroad engineer Alan Scott received his power from a mystical metal, once a green flame, which crashed into earth thousands of years ago. Alan fashions the metal into a ring, and he becomes the first Green Lantern. The ring gives him the ability to do almost anything including fly, walk through solid objects, and melt metal. Maybe it’s time to dust off that metal detector and get to work?

7. Eat spinach – Popeye

Comic strip character and cartoon, Popeye is your everyday sailor with disproportionate forearms and a nemesis twice his size. When it’s time to stand up to his foe or save his girl from certain peril, Popeye turns to his source of strength, his veggies. With one can of spinach, Popeye is stronger, invulnerable, and able to beat Bluto to a pulp. He’s strong to the finish because he eats his spinach! Considering we’ve all tried this one with no success, we’re thinking Popeye might have been spiking his greens with some super something.

8. Teleport with a fly – The Fly

In the 1986 film The Fly, Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) was just like any other man until he became The Fly. A scientist on the verge of proving the scientific community wrong about teleportation, Seth’s experiment is ruined when a fly enters his device during the process. Instead of being teleported, Seth slowly gains sexual potency, increased strength, stamina, and a tendency toward violence. Physically, he could cling to walls and ceilings and dissolve things with his spit. In the transformation, Seth also begins to lose his humanity. Worst side effect? He starts to look like a terribly unattractive fly. Like Hulking out, who needs the hassle? Sexual potency in exchange for killer spit? In the end, it won’t end well.

9. Receive a magic ring from Whoopi Goldberg – The Planeteers

Captain Planet, five teens, the planeteers, are given rings by Gaia, the spirit of the earth (voiced oddly by Whoopi Goldberg). Along with the rings, the teens are charged with the responsibility to defend the Earth from environmental harm. Kwame, from Africa, is given the power of earth. Wheeler, hailing from New York, is given the power of fire. Linka, from the then Soviet Union, controls the power of wind. Gi, of Southeast Asia, controls the power of water. And Ma-Ti, from the Amazon rainforests, controls the power of heart. With their powers combined, the planeteers can call upon Captain Planet who harnesses their powers and magnifies them. “The power is yours!” A free ring that gives you powers over the earth’s elements? Seems like a win win… although I’m sure there is some catch like, “With great power comes great responsibility” or something heavy like that.

10. Be born awesome – The X-Men

Successful comic book series, television series, and film series, X-Men follows a group of humans with the genetic ability to mutate. These “mutants” have the X gene, which gives the characters unique abilities such as the power to control the weather, telepathy, and shape shifting. Although non-superhumans fear them and marginalize them, they get to hang out together at Westchester mansion, learning how to be their most awesome. I guess you’ll just have to be the lucky offspring of some evolved parents for this one.

11. Ask an evolved friend or relative to share – Heroes

Created by Tim Kring and premiering in 2006, the television series Heroes told the story of ordinary people who learn that they have extraordinary abilities. Most Heroes and Villians in the series seem to be cases of spontaneous evolution. During the course of his research, genetic scientist, Mohinder discovers the source of the powers can be extracted directly from the adrenal glands – making boring old humans super. Mohinder, a non-superhuman, tests out his theory by injecting himself with a formula he mixes with adrenaline he gets from an evolved human. The formula, along with a solar eclipse, gives Mohinder abilities similar to a spider. He is able to spin webs, has increased strength and agility, and for a short time, develops scales on his skin. If you have a friend or relative who seems above average and is willing to help out, it wouldn’t hurt to try this one.

Johnny Raikou – Chapter 1, Episode 2

Johnny Raikou – Chapter 1, Episode 3

Caryn K. Hayes is an L.A. based writer-producer-director-production coordinator-quality control agent-bartender hailing from New Orleans. She has produced, written, directed, and coordinated numerous web series, documentary and corporate videos, short films and commercials. In 2007, Caryn wrote “The Ridge,” a spec teen drama, which won the 2007 TV Pilot Award from the Organization of Black Screenwriters, and in 2009 she repeated her win with the adult dramedy, “Dirty Thirties.” Caryn created “The World of Cory & Sid,” a comedic web series, which was nominated for Best Television or Web Series in 2009 by the Urban Mediamakers Film Festival. In between her various freelance gigs, she produces sketch comedy and is currently in post-production with “Breaking Point,” a soap opera web series. Engaging and fun, Caryn can also mix over 250 drinks and is comfortable with high volume.

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