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15 MORE Futuristic Weapons That Will Certainly Make A Mess2

By Chris Littler

15 MORE Futuristic Weapons That Will Certainly Make A Mess

You asked for it. You practically fired two shots into the roof and demanded it. So we’re bringing you 15 MORE futuristic weapons that are going to make the battlefield so much harder to clean up tomorrow morning.

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The good news is there seems to be an infinite number of weapons in development. Imagine that! It’s as if mankind’s always looking for new and better ways to tear each other apart (because the best gun is the one you never have to fire… right?). Truth be told, we thought we had come up with the fifteen messiest future weapons that were out there last time, but this time we dug even deeper. This stuff is gonna make it really hard for you to sleep tonight. Unless, of course, you’re going to sleep in the kind of world that Daniel McCarthy lives in. He’s the star of the conspiracy thriller Tyranny, a story about a world that’s constantly under surveillance. We don’t know about you, but a world under Big Brother’s thumb sounds super safe to us. You can’t make a dirty bomb if you get arrested on your way home from buying the components, right?

Don’t answer that. (They’re listening.) Let’s just take a look at fifteen other ideas mankind has come up with to subjugate the enemy. Ready… aim…

Tyranny – Losing It

1. Radio-controlled Smart Bullets

Fire! These days, you can fire anywhere, really. These bullets will take care of the aiming. The XM25 rifle is unique in that it fires radio-controlled “smart” bullets that are programmed to explode after they travel a certain distance. This means that enemy snipers can no longer benefit from that thing we used to call “cover.” A soldier with the XM25 can program his or her bullets to explode above their puny sniper heads. “It’s a game changer,” Lt. Col. Christopher Lehner says. He should know. He’s the project manager for the system. With 12,500 XM25’s being shipped out to troops in Afghanistan, the U.S. Army just got another leg up on their opponents.

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2. The Force Field

Maybe it’s just us, but the force field has always seemed too crazy to ever be real. It just seems so far from any technology we have – especially when we watch a missile bounce off the USS Enterprise and detonate in the emptiness of space. Apparently, we are dead wrong. The TROPHY Active Defense System (ADS) – while not exactly like the glowing blue shield protecting the Rebel fleet over Endor – is definitely a step in the right direction. Instead of the force field actually protecting the vessel – as of right now, Israeli tanks – the ADS field tracks and targets incoming missiles. When a missile breaches the field, countermeasures are nearly immediate. A “beam of fragments” annihilates the threat. Kablam! And since it’s all handled by computers, the ADS can handle multiple threats from multiple angles.

3. The Gun With No Moving Parts

Has there ever been a better name for a gun company than “Metal Storm”? We don’t think so. And until there’s a gun called “Mr. Kill Machine,” we don’t think there’s ever going to be. Thankfully, the Metal Storm family of guns live up to their name. Theirs is the first gun that does away with that pesky reloading mechanism and replaces it with a system that allows for single bullets to be fired from within the chamber. How does it do this, you ask – through a retrofitting technology similar to Roman Candles combined with an electronically-fused primer. This effectively cuts out the middleman. With no more pesky reload times, the Metal Storm guns literally unleash a storm of metal on its target.

4. The Rifle That Shoots 2,500 yards

There are two types of intervention, both of them terrible. The first involves a bunch of your family and friends telling you that it’s time to get help. The second involves a long-range rifle system filled with custom-made 408 caliber rounds. Though we’d rather take the first over the second, we have to give credit to the awesomeness that is the CheyTac “Intervention.” It’s a rifle, for one, but it’s loaded up with a state of the art computer system that factors in resistance, wind speed, muzzle power, and even the earth’s rotation. That means that all you have to do is aim at something 25 football fields away and the Intervention will do the rest. On a recent test of the gun, a Navy Seal hit 3 out of 6 targets. That’s half of Linkin Park!

5. The Boomerang Mobile Shooter Detection System

The first thing you want to know when you’re being shot at is always: where is this coming from? Once you’ve figured that out, you can get into a safe place, and what you do from there is up to you. (We suggest curling up into a ball and screaming, but that’s just because that worked for us on the mean streets of Compton.) But when you’re inside a Humvee, it’s hard to know your bearings. It’s twice as hard to know the direction of the bullets. Using directional microphones attuned to pinpointing muzzle blasts, the Boomerang Mobile Shooter Detection System informs the occupants of a friendly vehicle what direction they’re being fired upon from. It may only save them a couple of seconds, but knowing where your enemy is is everything on the battlefield.

6. The Pulse Projectile

The U.S. Military is currently developing a weapon that can shoot an invisible laser pulse into crowds that instantly knocks them off their feet, stuns them, and tickles their nerve cells. And not tickle in a good way. According to its developers, the invisible laser pulse is said to work at a distance of over two kilometers, which means that in the very near future we could very well be quelling riots with the pulse projectile alone. Now you have to ask yourself one question: do you think you could muster the courage to throw a bottle at something that could turn you into a quaking little puddle just by looking at you? Well, do ya, punk? We think not.

7. Dragon Skin Body Armor

Dragons have notoriously tough skin. After all, the only reason Bard could slay Smaug in the Hobbit is because Smaug had a weak spot on his belly. You get the idea. This is what the military was thinking about (maybe) when they were designing new systems to protect their troops on the ground. These days, soldiers can get taken down with a few well-placed rifle shots. Not so if they’re wearing Dragon Skin body armor. It uses interlacing ceramic carbide discs that overlap like chain mail. The result is a material that can withstand a force as strong as a grenade blast. Dragon Skin is currently being used by SWAT teams around the country but hasn’t been adopted by the military due to failing a highly controversial test. Let’s hope they brush up on their Tolkien in time to save some American lives.

8. The MOAB

If you’ve ever been sitting around the silos, foolin’ around with your friends, and all of a sudden someone screams MOAB, then you know true terror. Odds are you’ve probably never found yourself in that situation. Because you’d be dead. But that’s besides the point. The MOAB is colloquially known as the Mother of All Bombs, though its initials actually stand for “Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb.” It doesn’t have a whole lot of fancy tricks, besides being the most powerful bomb outside of THE A BOMB. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to make a hell of a mess on the battlefield. In fact, the MOAB was used as part of the “shock and awe” strategy in the most recent Iraqi War. Sources say that the Russians recently tested their own Father of All Bombs – which is purportedly four times stronger than the MOAB. Gentlemen, the dying embers of the Cold War just got a little warmer.

9. Helicopter/Plane/Humvee

Don’t you hate it when you’re about to go out on a mission and you get stuck at base arguing which ride to take? The helicopter will get you there quick, but open you up to all sorts of anti-aircraft artillery. The plane’s a nice trip, but you better have a runway where you’re headed. The Humvee makes sense, but gas is so expensive these days… Lucky for you, the U.S. military is developing a vehicle that is all three of these things in one! If that sounds like overkill to you, then clearly you’ve never been trapped in a firefight, surrounded on all sides by insurgents, wishing to God that you could push a button and take to the skies. We gladly welcome this “Transformer” to our ever-growing family of weird looking vehicles that even civilians would buy even though they don’t fit in normal parking spaces.

10. The Cornershot

The Cornershot does exactly what it sounds like. The barrel has a hinge in the center that allows the user to swivel it left and right. This makes it so people can fire around corners without exposing themselves. And if they don’t expose themselves, they’re downright invincible. A flashlight and a digital camera are mounted on the end of the gun, giving the shooter a sense of what he or she is aiming at. That’ll come especially handy when two people with a Cornershot come into contact and essentially call a game of Chicken.

11. Skyguard

Northtrop Grumman is best known for advancing the field of aerospace and defense technology. They’re responsible for big hits like the B-2 Spirit bomber and the Chukar aeriel drones, as well as probably a dozen other things too secret and terrifying to let the public know about. Recently they proposed a system called Skyguard, which is essentially a bunch of lasers that shoot out of a big boxy trailer. (Not unlike the laser lightshow your step-brother put on that one New Years.) The trailer takes out incoming missiles with the sheer power of laser beams. It can be deployed pretty much anywhere, making it a great thing to have in the battlefield, but not a shabby addition to airport security, either.

12. The Freefall Cluster Bomb

The CBU-97 is the smartest freefall cluster bomb the Air Force has ever utilized in combat. When we say “smart,” we don’t mean it in a college-educated way. We mean this bomb knows what it’s supposed to kill and actively seeks it out. The whole scenario plays out like something from a Michael Bay film. Once the things been deployed, the outside shell falls away to reveal 10 BLU-108 submunition units. Every unit fires its own rocket and parachute, so it’s facing towards earth. When it’s righted, it spins and releases four skeets, which search for and destroy their target with zero impunity. Hear that, bad guys? Zero impunity.

13. The Neutrino Beam

Despite sounding like a delicious pick-me-up you’d pick up at the local GNC, the Neutrino Beam is serious business. A team of Japanese scientists have proposed that if a neutrino-accelerator were built today, 100 times larger than the largest ever built, it could theoretically be used to destroy any nuclear weapon on earth… from anywhere. How is that possible? The Neutrino Beam fires through the earth. So if you know the Ruskies are stockpiling at so-and-so location in Siberia, you just point it in that direction and flip the switch. If the US ever committed to this technology, it would be the biggest game-changer in a hundred years. Thanks, Japan!

14. The Computer Virus

We know what you’re thinking. A computer virus? I take care of those things every day with the Norton Antivirus software my small business pays for! Well, friend, this isn’t your everyday piece of malicious code. The Stuxnet computer virus, discovered only recently, took over 10,000 hours to make, with several different countries cooperating (supposedly). It took down Iran’s nuclear weapons program by hiding inside their computers and changing small increments. Their systems failed over and over and they had no idea why. The Stuxnet was nearly impossible to find, too. It cleaned up after itself, leaving little trace of its work. With warfare rapidly becoming computerized, a virus on the scale of Stuxnet will eventually be able to do more damage than a B-2 full of nuclear bombs. Maybe it already has?

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15. Boeing YAL-1 Airborne Laser

And finally, to close us out, we have an old-fashioned laser that shoots down from the sky. The Boeing YAL-1 Airborne Laser is designed to shoot down ballistic missiles. Unlike most laser defenses, however, the YAL-1 sits on the nose of a modified Boeing 747. Essentially, it’s a big flying super turret. It also happens to be inconspicuous, which only adds to the cool points. On the other hand, we don’t really want to give our enemies another reason to shoot down 747’s, do we? Maybe this is one weapon that causes more of a mess than we’re willing to clean up.

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Chris Littler lives in Hollywood. He has a degree in Dramatic Writing from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, one of the most prestigious writing programs in America, which he totally plans to hang on the wall when he has a Study. Chris currently covers video games at UGO.com when he’s not performing improv at iO, and is currently writing a one-hour TV pilot with his friend Wes. Like everyone else you know, he has an album available to purchase on iTunes and has lots of things to say on his blog: chrislittler[dot]com.

  • Roto

    Interesting. However, I wouldn’t count on a neutrino beam to disable a atom bomb on the other side of the world. First, neutrinos almost completely do not interact with matter. Hence why they go through the earth so easily. Therefore, they will have no effect at all on the bomb. In fact, neutrinos are capable of going through a light year of lead without any interactions at all! I’m a physicist and thought you might find this also interesting.

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