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5 Signs You’re Addicted to Angry Birds4

By KoldCast TV Staff

5 Signs You’re Addicted to Angry Birds

As if Facebook weren’t a big enough time-waster, The Great War between bird and pig has exploded to epic proportion. The digital game Angry Birds has had an app-splosion of interest. It’s been the #1 paid iPhone application in countries from the US to Kuwait and most nations in between.

If you’re one of the brave soldiers who fight on behalf of the birds, then good on you! Those pigs had it coming when they stole their first eggs.

But be careful. Your dedication to the cause might be turning from simple interest to addiction. Here are some warning signs to look for.

You’re probably addicted to Angry Birds if…

You see dotted trajectories everywhere. You know you have an issue when the white, dashed lines that show your missile bird’s path on the screen start showing up during other activities—tossing trash into the bin, throwing a pen to your office-mate, hurling your iPhone across the room when the dastardly swine outsmart you once again.

Your finger has whiplash. Once you get your slingshot into the right place, it’s imperative that you release it without moving it an additional millimeter. So you whip your finger back with the voracity of a concert pianist yanking her hand up off the keys at the end of an overture. You can reduce injury by icing that hand down… and saving the next battle for tomorrow.

You high-five sparrows… or cry for them. You’ve definitely played too much Angry Birds when every time you see a pet parrot, wild robin or neighborhood duck you salute them or try to slip them covert attack plans. You’ve likely gone overboard if upon seeing a frozen game hen or chicken breast, you blame the pigs for the deaths.

Pillow forts give you the shudders. Those simple hideouts the pigs use are effective and iconic. And their simple construction makes them look like they were built with mattresses and 2x4s. If you find yourself throwing blunt objects at your nieces’ and nephews’ pillow forts and tree houses, it might be time for an Angry Bird intervention.

You refuse to eat your grandma’s famous childhood treat – Pigs in a Blanket. When even the deliciously cooked carcass of pig repulses you too much, it’s time to step away from the Angry Birds.

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