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Let’s Get Down to Brass Tacks: This is Strictly Sexual

By T6W Staff

A spin-off to the indie cult classic Strictly Sexual – one of the most popular films of all time on U.S. streaming site Hulu – comedy drama “Strictly Sexual: The Series” is a smart, funny and introspective look at sex and love.

Co-created, produced and directed by Independent Spirit Award-winner Joel Viertel (The Adjustment Bureau) alongside film and series writer Stevie Long (Sons of Anarchy) who also returns in the role of Stanny, “Strictly Sexual: The Series” builds on the plot of the film, featuring the same captivating characters and their complex interpersonal relationships.

Dumped by his girlfriend, Joe asks his old friend Stanny to move in to combat the loneliness. But his old friend stubbornly refuses, having been ignored by Joe the previous year as Joe was spending all his time with his ex-girlfriend. Summer and Georgia make a pact to focus on their jobs, not men – A pact that Summer finds a loophole in when she falls for a woman. Frustrated with her friend, Georgia decides to get some ‘strictly sexual’ fun in as well, and hooks up with the temperamental Stanny. When Summer ups the stakes by asking her lady lover to move in, albeit temporarily, Georgia matches the stakes by inviting the volatile Stanny to stay in the house as well. This is Episode 1 of a 6-Episode Series.

Based in Los Angeles, the series follows two pairs of best friends – two men and two women. Johann Urb (2012, Dirt) reprises his role as Joe. Joe has been in love for a year, but it’s come to an abrupt end. To combat his loneliness, he seeks the camaraderie of his best friend, but having felt much abandoned when Joe moved in with his previous girlfriend, Stanny isn’t sharing Joe’s new-found enthusiasm.

The women, Georgia (Mercedes Manning, Hirokin) and Summer (Kristen Renton, Sons of Anarchy), decide to explore what happens when they swear off men to focus on their careers. Georgia maintains a strictly sexual relationship with Stanny, who she’s attracted to but could never love, while Summer safely chooses a sexual relationship with another woman.

To their surprise, real feelings show up, causing all of the arguments and heartache each was trying to avoid. Telling the story of friends and lovers as their relationships are tested, broken and mended, “Strictly Sexual: The Series” takes a wry look at dating in today’s world and the effect romantic relationships have on friendships.

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