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The 4th Annual Indie Soap Awards: 30 More Reasons to Watch KoldCast TV

By Maria Kern

It’s that time of year again! Ballots have been cast, starlets are fasting, and stylists are scrambling as awards season shifts into high gear.

Now in its fourth year, the Indie Soap Awards honor the best in Independent Internet Television. Sponsored by We Love Soaps and the Indie Series Network, the ceremony brings industry members together to recognize standout achievements in independently produced television programming. This year’s ceremony will be held in exactly four weeks, on Tuesday, February 19th at New World Stages in New York City.

The 2013 nomination process was grueling, boasting a record-breaking number of submissions and even stricter categories. The outcome? Nine KoldCast TV series made the cut, for a staggering total of Thirty nominations.

Here are the shows setting the bar for Internet TV:

Hitman 101 takes a reflective, intellectual look at the tumultuous life of an assassin known as John Smith. Navigating through a dangerous web of urban deceit as a professional hit man proves no easy task in this unique crime thriller. The show has already received numerous accolades and is nominated for a whopping seven ISA’s: Best Drama Series, Best Actor (Drama) for Georgie Dauberas, Best Directing for Scott Staven, Best Ensemble Drama, Best Guest Appearance (Drama) for Wendy Argelia Martínez, Best Makeup for Tzu-Jung Toby Lee, and Best Visual/Special effects for Pranjal Verma.

You are watching Episode 1 of Hitman 101
Nominated for SEVEN Indie Soap Awards!

Next up is Mythos, nominated in the Best Actress (Drama) category for Miriam Pultro and Best Supporting Actor (Drama) for Adam Henry Garcia. Mythos follows a group of characters through their everyday lives, each of which is hiding their true identities as a powerful Roman god. Morgan, a modern-day Athena, must face the unrest brought on by Hermes’s sudden reappearance in her quiet life. A contemporary drama featuring a strong female lead, Mythos is an acute exploration of modernity from a perspective rooted in ancient mythology.

Milgram and the Fastwalkers is an award-winning KoldCast original drama series centered on a high-powered corporate litigator named Sally Lemm who experiences disturbing visions of extraterrestrials onset by sleep deprivation and anxiety. Dr. Daniel Milgram takes Sally on as a patient only to be sucked into her world. Classified as a UFO soap opera, Milgram and the Fastwalkers is nominated for Best Supporting Actress (Drama) and Best Visual/Special Effects this year. The show effectively combines realistic, adult problems with the strange and mysterious world of aliens to create an appealing experience for classic drama and sci-fi fans alike.

A Western drama set in 1880’s Kansas, Thurston follows the residents of a struggling mining town through their collective search for survival. Amidst corruption, threats of violence, and a changing landscape, each character guards a dangerous secret, lending intrigue and suspense to the narrative. Thurston is nominated for four ISA’s including Best Directing, Best Cinematography, and Best Costume Design. In addition, Garrett Brennan is up against another actor from another show in the KoldCast programming lineup for Best Breakout Performance, Brett DelBuono of Miss Behave.

KoldCast’s teen drama Miss Behave chronicles the double life of a sixteen-year-old Hollywood thoroughbred named Tori. Absentee parents, a struggling, rebellious brother and gossip-worthy secrets abound make Tori’s life perfect fare for a juicy teen drama. The show won the Best Use of Music award at last year’s ISA ceremony and is nominated again this year in six Drama categories including Best Actress, Best Directing, Best Ensemble, Best Guest Appearance, Best Breakout Performance, and Best Soundtrack.

Click to watch Episode 1 of Miss Behave
Nominated for SIX Indie Soap Awards!

KoldCast TV’s sexy, award-winning mob series, Clutch, known for its cinematic style that pushes the envelope of Internet TV, is comprised of a powerful female cast. The show is centered on Kylie, a seasoned pickpocket who has run into trouble with the mafia and must use her powers of seduction to escape a network of powerful and crooked men. Last year’s torture scene in the Season 2 premiere still has people talking. Clutch is nominated this year in the Best Guest Appearance (Drama) category for Will Conlon.

Pairings is a comedy series about a romantically challenged but culinary-attuned nerd named Alan. Hopeless when it comes to dating, Alan resorts to cooking as a means of attracting women and establishing some value in the meat market. Ed Robinson is nominated for a Best Actor (Comedy) ISA for his truthful, endearing portrayal of Alan. Aside from the acting, the literal eye candy – beautifully prepared gourmet dishes – of Pairings deserves a nomination of its own. The food visuals jump out of the screen and establish themselves as characters in their own right, serving in Alan’s serial seductions.

Super Knocked Up is a fresh take on the superhero genre, a comedy of errors that incorporates elements of a comic book adventure for a sitcom audience. The show follows the relationship and rivalry between uber-villian Jessica James superhero Michel Masters after their one-night stand leaves Jessica with a little more than she bargained for. Yvonne Perry is nominated for this year’s Best Supporting Actress Indie Soap award. In addition to excellent acting, the show features spectacular effects, witty dialogue, and of course, expertly tailored superhero suits. Season 2 of Super Knocked Up premieres February 20th on KoldCast TV!

The hyper innovative, interactive series Ruby Skye, P.I. is an award-winning audience favorite geared towards younger viewers. Ruby is a wise-beyond-her-years detective who finds herself with few allies and a slew of unsolved mysteries. The show highlights Ruby’s efforts to win back her friends as she cracks her next case. Nominated for five Indie Soap awards, including Best Comedy Writing, Best Original Score, Best Editing, Best Makeup, and Best Visual/Special Effects, Ruby Skye is a peek into the future of television.

Click to watch Episode 1 of Ruby Skye, P.I.
Nominated for FIVE Indie Soap Awards!

Maria Kern is a contributing blogger at The Sixth Wall, Supercool Creative, and a student at Mills College in Oakland, CA. She is interested in creative marketing, film production, and the science of branding. Currently pursuing a degree in Legal Analysis, she finds creative inspiration in all things related to media and pop culture.

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