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The Many Faces of God Throughout Popular Cinema
Pop Culture - by Rebecca Muh on January 10, 2013

With the members of the clergy aside, those few who study ancient scrolls and the Bible, our modern society’s main source of religious reflection is through story, and more specifically visual media.
God is no…

15 Seemingly UnImportant, Yet Vital, Facts About Sex
Infographics - by Chris Littler on November 7, 2013

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text that gives practical advice on human intercourse. In it, there are over 1,250 verses in 36 chapters dealing solely with the practice of lovemaking. It’s considere…

10 of the Coolest Gyms in the World
Pop Culture - by Jojo Balogh on October 15, 2013

We all know that keeping fit will help us to lead longer, healthier lives and that exercise will help prevent diseases like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Did you know that regular exercise al…

How Tailgating Became A Game Day Staple
Pop Culture, Travel - by Michael Sadowski on September 26, 2013

Years ago, when tailgating was in its infancy, there were some unwritten rules.
It was only for college football, because … well, just because.
It was confined mostly to the south, because who wants to stand out…

These Are a Few of Our Favorite (British) Things
Pop Culture - by Annie Cooper on August 27, 2013

It’s kind of difficult to explain the American fascination with all things British. They are our former lords and masters, after all, against whom we rose up in violent, bloody rebellion. Maybe we’re just a ver…

Spies, Social Media and Sci-Fi: Why “Pillars” is One ITV Show to Watch
Pop Culture, Show News - by Maria Kern on August 22, 2013

Pillars creator Scott Ludden grew up just as enchanted by Star Wars as the next kid, but it wasn’t until his first brush with Kubrick that he developed an appreciation for sci-fi that he has since parlayed into a s…

Impeccable Manners: Who Cares? Certainly not Leon in ITV Comedy Mister French Taste
Pop Culture, Show News - by Maria Kern on August 15, 2013

KoldCast’s smart comedy series Mister French Taste offers a rare glimpse inside the world of a wealthy Hong Kong family. Targeting an international audience, the show explores cultural convergence and the h…

Despite Shifts in TV Consumption, Strictly Sexual Succeeds as a Spinoff
Pop Culture, Show News - by Maria Kern on August 9, 2013

Unlike the traditional TV series spinoff or film franchise, KoldCast TV’s Strictly Sexual is a spinoff of the enormously successful indie film by the same name. Without straying too much from the original fil…

Deconstructing ITV Comedy: Dad Drives’ Blueprint For a Viral Laugh Engine
P.O.V., Show News - by Brad Pike on July 26, 2013

With the steadily declining cost of cheap, professional-grade film equipment, anyone, and that means anyone, can produce their own ITV comedy series, which explains why the vast majority of them don’t elici…

Namaste: ITV Series Yoga Town Breathes New Life Into Workplace Comedies
Pop Culture, Show News - by Melissa Kandel on July 24, 2013

When The Office first permeated the American television landscape in early 2000s, it was hailed as a groundbreaking comedic gem. The UK-based show was an exploration into the previously untapped world of wor…