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Five Reasons Why a Crab is a Better Best Friend Than a Human

By Brandon Cohen

We’ve all been there. It’s hour eight of a ten-hour road trip and we’re so fed up with our car companion, our supposed “best friend,” that we mumble to ourselves “ugh, sometimes I wish you were a crab.” This is followed by a defiant look out the window and uncomfortable silence for the rest of the trip.

Four of the Absolute Worst Secrets Guys Have Ever Kept From Their Girlfriends

By Brad Pike

Keeping secrets from your girlfriend is rarely a good idea, a fact thoroughly proven in just about every romantic comedy ever made. Other rom-com lessons are that girls fall down a lot, gay men are sources of wisdom, and awkward men make the best husband material.
Sticking with a movie metaphor, some…

Five Everyday Situations It Would Be Great To Have An Agent For

By Brandon Cohen

Ever stop to think about why Hollywood A-listers have agents? Surely, Angelina Jolie doesn’t need one in order to continue landing roles in blockbusters. So, why does she keep giving away 10% of her paycheck when she could be using that money to buy scissors with which to cut slits in her dresses? The r…

Champion Chumps: Five Psycho Sports Dads Who Made Headlines

By Ben Mones

As a father, a man’s mission is to craft and mold a son in his own likeness, free from the failures and folly of his own past. The son is the 2.0, the new and improved, the deluxe edition with the works. For athletically inclined poppas, this means raising a son that makes the team dad never could, the son th…

Decisions, Decisions: Burial vs. Cremation…vs. Mummification vs. the Mushroom Death Suit vs. Diamonds, Plastics and Fungus

By Jeremy Fancher

If you tend to stray into the eccentric and existential, you might have noticed that our inexorable march towards death is a bit of a conversation killer at bars.  But all these prophesies of impending Raptures and world-ending events — such as the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21st, 2012 — ope…

Stuck in a Rut?  You Need a Kick in the Ass Towards the Rest of Your Life

By Ariel Nishli

Life is a series of momentum-building starts and screeching halts. Hopefully, we experience the vast majority of our lives in forward motion, building meaningful relationships, a sense of purpose, and cultivating happiness.
Unfortunately, that pesky little thing we all harbor, known as the hu…

Abductions Through the Ages: America’s Most Famous Alien Encounters

By Dan Berry

The notion that extraterrestrials have visited earth and even abducted humans has gone from a fringe belief touted by 40-year-old virgins and former mental patients to a widely accepted truth upheld by millions of people around the planet. Thanks to serious, credentialed individuals presentin…

Five Items So Weird They’ve Created Their Own Black Market

By Rebecca Leib

In KoldCast TV’s dramatic sci-fi series Weekenders, a miraculous drug called LifeXtra allows you to hang on to the sweet life for three full days after you’ve kicked the bucket. Weekenders invites the viewer into a world where LifeXtra (commonly referred to as “LX”) is king; a miracle drug that brin…

Memoirs of a Ghost: A Paranormal Investigation from the Spirit’s Point of View

By Dana Leigh Smith

Think life is rough, eh? Wait till you get to the afterlife. Take it from someone who knows. I raised four kids and a husband. Had a lot more I wanted to accomplish too, before an aneurism in my basement laundry room put an end to those goals. Guess Mt. Kilimanjaro will have to wait… The thought of passing p…

Seven Secret Societies That Are Probably Controlling Your Life Right This Minute1

By Annie Cooper

You are not the master of your own existence. No one is. The lives of the many are controlled by the devious and deliberate dealings of the few. At least that’s the notion held by scores of conspiracy theorists: that secret, elite societies, are, and have been, manipulating everything – who bec…